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Home Theater and Media Center installation

From media rooms to dedicated theater rooms, there’s nothing like relaxing in your own home to watch a good film or an exciting sports game. The media room transforms a gathering area, such as the great room, into a home theater viewing area with a drop-down screen, surround sound and a rear projector. When the theater is not being used, the components, such as the screen, projector, and speakers, can be practically invisible.

The dedicated theater truly has all the luxury of a full-sized theater right in your home. They are designed for the optimal movie experience, with stadium seating, plush theater chairs (that recline!), a 100” plus screen, rear projector, surround sound, sound proofing, old-style popcorn machine, movie posters and lighting control - the lights dim and lighten on command of a button. There’s nothing like it!

Call today to find out how we can turn your living room into a powerful Home Theatre or how we can customize your office space with the latest in communications technology.







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